Good and Bad Portfolios

  • Good and Bad Portfolios

    Posted by Tiago Rosado on January 16, 2024 at 11:47 am

    Hey guys, today was talking with a colleague about portfolios and we end up watching some insightful videos about it, I will leave the links below if you wanna watch it, but to summarize the main takeaways I got from them are:

    1 – Clarity

    It should be very clear who you are, what you do, who do you do it for.

    Clients or companies should immediately understand and have the answers to all this 3 questions pretty quickly while reviewing your portfolio, recruiters will receive dozens of portfolios to review and the reality is that they will not have too much time to check one by one with much detail, at least in the screening phase, so you better present yourself quickly.

    2 – USP (Unique Selling Point)

    You have to show why are you different from the competitors, why you and not other designer? Here is where you show your strengths, what makes you special or a better option for a client, and can be something as simple as having a clear process, a fixed price, a short turnover period, cheaper price etc… find out what’s your USP and make it clear.

    3 – Present Your Work

    This should be obvious but you can see so many examples where the work is almost difficult to find in some portfolios. It should came very early on in your website,

    4 – Social Proof

    We all know that the word of mouth is the best advertising, so using your past clients testimonials is always a good way to show the others that you are a reliable and trustworthy designer. You can always ask your clients for a testimonial. If you don’t have clients yet you can try to show other relevant stats, for example number of projects completed, companies you worked for, how many years of experience etc…

    5 – CTA

    Make it easy for your potential clients or recruiters to contact you if they want to work with you. Offer contact form or display your contact information at the end of your portfolio (footer) so they can take the next step.

    6 – Accessibility

    Long are the days where we would send a 100 pages PDF portfolio, in todays day and age creating an online portfolio is easy and can also be free so there are no excuses to do it. Recruiters and clients do not want to receive and download a 500Mb pdf to scroll thru, make it easy to share with one click, and can be viewed on mobile as well.

    I hope this is useful for you, let me know if you have any questions and feel free to share you portfolio in the other topic for a feedback/review.

    Here are some links:

    GOOD and BAD Design Portfolios (with examples)

    Reacting to 21 Portfolios in 22 minutes

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