Reply To: Portfolio Feedback / Review

  • admin

    June 4, 2024 at 2:12 pm

    Fantastic portfolio @irshadmarshall very professional and consistent quality, I have no doubt you’ll have a successful career.

    My only feedback / suggestion would be to focus a bit more on your core offering, I see you have a wide range of design services, but usually is more effective to put together a portfolio of one specific type of work, for example Logo & Brand Identity or let’s say Packaging and Labels.

    You can also mention that you can provide all the other services as secondary if clients need, but if you position yourself as a expert in some specific area your perceived value is way higher and they also will assume that you are great at everything else.

    So in short just choose the areas you like the most, or the type of work you want to get hired more to do, and focus you offering on that.