The Client Process - From Hi to Bye

By: Made by James
See what an effective and profitable creative studio process looks like.
the cliebnt proces by mbj
the client process by made by james


See what an effective and profitable creative studio process looks like. 
This tool is perfect for freelancers, agency owners, creative entrepreneurs, graphic designers, visual identity designers, and brand designers.

This tool is an eye opener to the entire client process of Made by James

From onboarding to offloading, this tool gives you a huge amount of valuable insight into how MBJ has run an efficient studio for the last 14 years. How to onboard clients, the protective elements we need to have in place, project management and more… in this free tool we go deep into the nitty gritty of being an efficient and profitable design studio.

This is not just a look into ‘how to create a logo” or a simple overview of the creative process… it’s everything in between the client enquiry to the follow up communication after the work is done.

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What’s Included

  • Video walkthrough
  • PDF download
  • In-depth look at process

Key Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Insight
  • Practical Guidance
  • Tailored for Creatives
  • Efficiency Boost
  • Profitability Enhancement

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We are building an educational space that is built for real designers, created by real designers and supported by real designers…. …so you know that this carefully curated environment will give you the knowledge and value you need in today’s design world. I have personally been in the design industry for two decades and continue to practice my craft with my team over at Lincoln Design Co. I have been lucky enough to live my dream as a designer, but its been fucking tough going. There is so much noise, gatekeeping and overpriced crap out there when it comes to design education, so my friends and I have decided to take a stand.